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Salt is a stunning gra​y horse with excellent conformation. Cybèle bred, raised and trained her. She is the daughter of stud Sergeant Tabasco whose son, Sergeant Pepper, has taken over the breeding program at the ranch​. 


Mocha, polo

Mocha is very a handy and easy mare with great turning capabilities and plenty of speed. She also is fun to play in any level of polo!

Penelope / SOLD

Penelope, trail trials horse and training

Cybèle has spent a good amount of time with Penelope. Penelope is smart and well-tempered. She likes a loose rein and responds quickly to minor leg cues without aides. Her feet are sound and she picks each foot up for you when you touch her hoof. 


Solana from Rancho Remuda

Solana is very fast and handy with a great mouth. She is quickly excelling on the polo field and would be best for a professional playing in medium to high goal polo. 


Natasha versatile in many discaplies

Natasha is the full sister to stud Sergeant Pepper and Salt who are on the premises. Natasha is ​trained in Western and English​ and spent a year in Colorado as an endurance and trail horse. ​Natasha​ is gentle and responsive​ and would be best for an intermediate, advanced or competitive rider.​ 

Check back soon for: Horses in-training

Cybèle has a number of young horses she is starting and would like to share their progress with you.

She bonds with foals as soon as they are born or at the youngest age possible. This gives her the best opportunity to guide and manage the equine's development and training. Visit again soon for photos and updates!

Photo credit: David Lominska

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