1. Is there a set length of time that my horse may stay at the ranch?

Rancho Remuda accepts boarders for any length of time.

2. May I bring my dog to the ranch?

Our ranch is pet friendly. We ask that you keep a watchful eye on them, though we ask you not to bring any aggressive dogs/pets onto the property. There are coyotes so all pets need to be kept indoors at night.

3. Will my horse's special needs and diet be accommodated?

We feel it very important to put you at ease, while your horse is at the ranch and we are happy to meet your horses special needs and diet requirements.  

4. When may I visit my horse at the ranch?

You may visit your horses any time as long as you let us know. 

5. Is there an arena to ride my horse in?

At this time, our arena is not open to boarders.

6. What happens if I get hurt?

This is a working ranch. We do everything possible to ensure the safety of our guests, though the ranch is not responsible for accidents that may occur on our property.

We'd love to hear from you if your question was not covered above.

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Rancho Remuda

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